Forest Town church celebrates 100th birthday

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FOREST Town’s St Alban’s Church will be celebrating its 100th year serving the community with a series of events next week.

Although the church looks much the same as it did on opening a century ago, it has overseen many changes in Forest Town.

Crown Farm Colliery, which the village was originally built to serve, has now disappeared and new houses and shops have seen Forest Town grow dramatically.

But St Alban’s has remained a focal point, with its proud history set to be celebrated throughout next week and the 100th birthday falling on 2nd July.

From Tuesday, the church will be decorated with flowers and history displays, including two slide shows presented by local historians Pauline and Malcolm Marples at 2pm.

The shows will note the major changes within Forest Town and those at St Alban’s itself.

‘‘It was fantastic to work on the project,’’ Pauline said. ‘‘To see how St Alban’s and Forest Town were then, to how they are now is just fascinating.’’

The following day celebrations will continue with organ music at the church from 2pm.

And the new Mansfield Community Gospel Choir will be at the church from 6.30pm on 2nd July. Tickets cost £5 each and include a buffet, while for children the animation Bolt will be shown at 10.30am.

Revd Phil Stead is hoping the gospel choir will go down well. He said: ‘‘The gospel choir are new but excellent, we’ve got a good response from the public so far.’’

Celebrations will finish on 3rd July with a birthday celebration service at 9.30am followed by the children’s club and a service at 6pm.

For more information, times and tickets contact Mansfield 622 177.