Forest Road Park campaigners to continue bid for village green status

Forest Road Park, off Delamere Drive, Mansfield.
Forest Road Park, off Delamere Drive, Mansfield.

Campaigners wanting to transform a public park into a preserved site say this are still pursuing their goal.

The controversial year-long deal to allow Mansfield Town FC to train on the cricket pitch on Forest Road Park expired last month, and the club no longer trains there.

All traces of the club have since been removed, including the padlocked gates, but locals - who were up in arms last year when the area was fenced off - say their aims are unaffected by the latest development.

Janet Saunders of the Friends of Forest Road Park said: “People are very pleased that the gates have gone, but we are still pursuing this vigorously.

“It usually takes about six years to get village green status but we’ll keep pushing for it.

“There are people now using this field all the time.”

Fears had been growing since last June that the playing field would eventually be earmarked for housing.

Locals felt that by allowing the football club to lease the area, it would ruin the existing cricket surface and eventually lead Mansfield District Council to sell it off for housing.

And while no cricket is currently played on the site, Janet Saunders says all efforts are being made to ensure it is not lost to development.

The Friends are to apply for funding to help improve the park with a play area and benches, while an application will also be submitted to the council to have it as a nature reserve.