FOOD REVIEW: Andwhynot, Mansfield

NMAC10-2629-5''Mansfield, AndWhyNot Exterior.
NMAC10-2629-5''Mansfield, AndWhyNot Exterior.

Surely there should be a question mark at the end of the name? It’s the sort of thing that bugs us journalists.

But after getting over my grammatical quandary I was impressed with the content of andwhynot’s extensive menu.

The fodder on offer is a definite step-up from your average High Street chain and has all the pub classics you’d expect.

My colleague and I both plumped for a burger - the acid test for any self-respecting eatery.

The chicken ‘Tower Burger’ which I ordered was monumental in size, packed with two hashbrowns and salad. I was pleased to be offered the choice of curly fries, which were also a very generous portion, complemented by a pot of coleslaw.

It was a tall order, but I cleared my plate and was left more than satisfied.

The jalapeño burger ordered by my colleague looked like a juicy patty of good quality beef and was given the thumbs up for taste.

Both our meals, each accompanied with a glass of coke, were over £10, which is more than I’d normally choose to spend for a lunchtime feed.

We both accepted the offer of cheese - until we realised it would be an extra £1 for the privilege.

The standard of the food was very good, the service was friendly and efficient.

The bar and restaurant areas are tastefully decorated and give off a more up-market feel than most of the other town centre food pubs.

So I think it is fair to say that you are not just paying for the food.

Even the Mayor, Tony Eggington was enjoying an afternoon drink when we visited, giving andwhynot the gold-chain seal of approval.