Fly-tipped rubbish traced back to woman and her brother

Oakfield Lane, Warsop, where the rubbish was dumped.
Oakfield Lane, Warsop, where the rubbish was dumped.

Fly-tipped rubbish found in Mansfield was traced back to a Sutton woman who had given it to her brother to get rid of, a court heard.

Both siblings ended up being prosecuted by Mansfield District Council for the illegal disposal of waste, and received hefty fines.

Mansfield Magistrates Court was told that the waste was found on Oakfield Lane, Warsop on April 1 last year. Some items contained information relating to Mia Pearce who, when interviewed by council officers, confirmed that she had given the rubbish to her brother, Leyton Leavey, also from Sutton.

Leavey admitted he put the waste he had collected from his sister in a van which he sold to a third person, Jake Cullington, who then fly-tipped the vehicle’s contents.

Pearce accepted that she failed in her household duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act because she did not check if her brother had a waste carriers’ licence. Both were ordered to pay £245 in fines, legal costs and compensation.

Cullington, who pleaded guilty to fly-tipping, was given an eight-week community order, with a curfew between 8 pm and 8 am, and ordered to pay £100 legal costs and £40 compensation.

For the council, Coun Mick Barton said: “This is a good outcome, We will not tolerate the irresponsible disposal of waste.”