Flood update: Residents rally together as flash flooding hits Southwell

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Residents in Southwell were on hand to help each other out after a torrent of rain and flash flooding swept the streets.

As the storm hit around 6pm last night, Church Street residents were powerless to do anything as the brook nearby burst its banks.

Diter Schänzer, who lives on Church Street, was nearly washed away after trying to rescue an elderly lady trapped in a nearby house.

He said: “The water must have been up to waist level at least, it was really terrifying.

“I have never seen anything like it in my life. A brick building had collapsed at the back of this lady’s house so I went over to try and get her out as she is in her 90’s.

“I didn’t think I was going to make it back to my house because I was swimming against bins and debree in the street and the current was so strong.”

Police and environmental health have been working tirelessly throughout the day to help residents get back on their feet.

A help and advice centre was set up at the town hall to give residents advice.

The Bramley Apple pub on Church Street was hit particularly hard. A shed in the pub garden was swept away, the cellar filled up with 12 foot of water and a building wall at the rear of the pub collapsed.

An outbuilding used for storage is expected to be demolished later today following the damage.

Jim Burley, landlord, said: “We have only been open since December so this is a bit of a kick in the teeth. There is quite extensive damage but I want to thank everyone in the community.

“Everyone has pulled together and tried to help us out, there has been so much support.”

Mr Burley said the pub may be closed for up to six week’s while it carries out repairs to the flood damage.

He added it was a blow to Southwell as the pub was very popular with the locals.

Newark and Sherwood District Council said it is continuing to respond to last night’s extreme flooding incidents.

Working as part of a multi-agency response, the council has provided its street sweeper vehicles, bought-in skips and has waste and refuse operatives working in Southwell as part of the clean-up operation.

The council also has officers providing community liaison support in the town, offering further assistance and support to residents where possible.

Chief executive Andrew Muter said: “We continue to do all we can to provide support and assistance to those affected by the flooding and to clean-up after last night’s extreme deluge.”

Will and Catharine Haywood were on holiday when the flooding hit last night.

They arrived home to find a foot of water in their home.

Mr Haywood said: “The kitchen, lounge and living room have all been flooded. We only finished decorating a few months ago.

“To be honest we are not the worst hit, we have tiled floors so it shouldn’t be too bad. We just hope it stays dry while we try and get cleaned up.”

Other parts of Nottinghamshire have also seen serious flash flooding.

The A614 just before the Rainworth and Newark roundabout was badly flooded making it difficult for traffic to cross and the A614 Blidworth Bottoms turn off was covered with surface water.

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