'Flabbergasted' Skegby councillor takes action against spate of vandalism

Councillor Melanie Darrington cleaning up broken glass in Skegby.
Councillor Melanie Darrington cleaning up broken glass in Skegby.

A spate of "mindless" vandalism in Skegby has led to a councillor taking action into her own hands.

On Saturday, September 20, vandals smashed open a bin on Hill Crescent Recreation Ground and had chucked the rubbish all over the park - most of it dog muck.

And, on Sunday someone smashed glass on the pavement on Mansfield Road. This busy stretch leads to a park and is busy with families and dog walkers.

So the "flabbergasted" Councillor Melanie Darrington, Ashfield Independents member for Skegby, grabbed her kit and cleared it up "before someone got hurt".

She said: "I was absolutely flabbergasted that mindless thugs had done this. Dog muck was thrown everywhere.

"The park was full of children as it was a hot day. I was with Councillor Helen-Ann Smith at the time and we immediately got in touch with the council who sent an emergency team out to get the park cleared.

"I was alerted to this incident on Facebook by a resident who had cleared a lot of it up herself. I cant think the residents of Skegby enough.

"We have great community spirit and we won’t let mindless vandalism ruin Skegby. I also want to day thank you to Ashfield District Council who sent the team out to clear up Hill Crescent Recreation Ground."