Five-year wait for new homes for elderly Langwith residents

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ELDERLY residents living on a troubled Langworth Junction street should finally be moved into new accommodation by the end of October.

We reported in Chad last year how a number of boarded-up bungalows in Highfield Avenue had been targeted by vandals. Some of the residents in the street said yobs in the area were making their lives a misery.

Bolsover District Council had secured funding to demolish all the concrete pre-fabs and move tenants into newly built accommodation nearby. But the money was no longer available under the new Coalition Government and it took a while for the council to find the money elsewhere.

Some people in the area have already been moved on but Dorothy Moore (71) and her husband Raymond (75) have been waiting for about five years.

Mrs Moore said: “They’ve been telling us not to decorate or anything for the last five years because we are moving. But things kept being put on hold.

“I don’t think the new house is going to be as big so we need to sell some of our stuff. We are waiting for the new homes to be built until we know how much space we are going to have.

“At least now it looks like the end is in sight.”

A spokesman from Bolsover District Council said they had to ‘beg, steal and borrow’ to get the funding but the scheme will finally be completed over the next few months.

He added: “When the Labour Government was in power we had some funding to do the work. But when the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats came in they took that money away. We were forced to find alternative funding but we are now back on track and the scheme is going ahead.”

The spokesman said all residents are being kept updated.

“We’ve set up one-to-one meetings with all of the residents and should have spoken to all of them by the end of April,” he added. “We also sent out letters at the end of March to let them know what was going on. The tenants have been informed every step of the way.”

It is hoped all of the new homes will have been built and the tenants moved in by the end of October.