First patient receives new stroke treatment at King’s Mill Hospital

The first patient in Mansfield to receive a new clot busting treatment for stroke has spoken of his gratitude to the team who cared for him.

Jo McHale (82), received the ‘gold standard’ treatment thrombolysis at King’s Mill Hospital after a severe stroke on 31st January.

The treatment, launched at the hospital in January, dissolves clots which cause blockages to arteries in the brain, and is a potentially curative treatment for stroke patients.

Dr Martin Cooper The Head of Service for Stroke at Sherwood Forest Hospitals, , said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer local patients this new treatment and are delighted that Mr McHale has made an almost complete recovery.

“Thrombolysis can spare patients from permanent disability and a prolonged length of stay in hospital.

“It has given Mr McHale the opportunity to lead a full life and continue to do all the activities he enjoyed previously”.

Speaking about her father’s recovery, daughter Mrs Severn said: “Dad is doing really well and is in really good spirits – in fact he says he feels great.

“The treatment has been a miracle and the standard of care received at the hospital was fantastic”.

Mr McHale was discharged from hospital within a week. He is supported at home by the Trust’s Early Support Discharge Team, a team of specialists to aid him in his road to complete recovery.