First novel for Warsop academic

A retired university professor from Warsop has had his first novel published , after years of writing medical textbooks for students.

Peter Birchenall (71), of Forest Road, started writing his novel - According to Gabriel Jackson - seven years ago, after he retired from his job as professor of health studies at the former University of Lincolnshire and Humberside.

A writer for more than 30 years, Peter’s published work has previously covered the area of health and nursing, and he told the Chad that he is delighted to have finally completed his first work of fiction.

He said: “The book is basically an adult adventure story about a family who flee their native Zimbabwe because their baby son is perceived as a threat my the regime there and are pursued around the world by Government henchmen.

“They meet the character of Gabriel Jackson, who is the book’s main protagonist and makes it his mission to protect the child from his pursuers.”

The book concludes in 2017 and much of its action is set with real historical events as a backdrop - including Robert Mugabe’s corrupt rule and the farm clearance programme of the early 2000s, which saw hundreds of farmers brutally removed from their homes .

The novel also includes many local landmarks, with the action coming to Clumber Park and Rufford Country Park, as well as a scene where a daring rescue is hatched at a guest house in Ollerton.

Peter, who returned to the Mansfield area following his retirement, is now working on a sequel to his first novel.

According to Gabriel Jackson, priced £7.99 is available for purchase at and on Amazon.