First micro-pub in pipeline

The success of Hucknall's Beer Shack means its owners are looking to open a new micro-pub in Mansfield.
The success of Hucknall's Beer Shack means its owners are looking to open a new micro-pub in Mansfield.

Mansfield real ale revolution looks set to take another step forward this spring with plans to start the town’s first micro-pub.

Owners of the Beer Shack in Hucknall are bidding to open a second branch in the town centre by April, subject to planning consent.

The exact location of the new venue is being kept a closely-guarded secret until any council go-ahead is granted.

But there is optimism the project can be a success given Mansfield’s rich brewing heritage and the successful re-launch of the Brown Cow as a real ale pub in November.

“Real ale is up and coming in the area and we want to help Mansfield become renown for it and attract people into the area from outside,” said Beer Shack co-owner Julia Charlton.

“We feel that Mansfield has got some great real ale pubs - including the Brown Cow and the Railway - with plenty of people going into them and other pubs in the area.

“Although we don’t want to specify the exact location as we don’t want to jinx the application, it is in the town centre.

“We are looking to have a pretty quick turnaround on the work we need to carry out on the premises of around four weeks, should we be given the green light, but it could take eight weeks to go through planning first.

“It would, of course, be a different shape building, but it will be the same pretence as the Beer Shack in Hucknall with real ales, ciders and wines, but not lager and spirits.”

Micro-pubs are designed to have a community feel and usually have no music, pool table, TVs or games machines.

Other similar establishments in the county include Doctor’s Orders in Carrington, Nottingham and Just Beer in Newark.

Keith Wells of the Mansfield and Ashfield branch of CAMRA has backed the proposals, calling it ‘brilliant news’.

He added: “This will get our full support. From our point of view, the ethos of it is excellent.

“It make use of a retail establishment that would otherwise stay closed, boarded up and look unsightly in the town centre.

“It will also be a nice place to come and have a drink, have a chat and meet people of all ages from all walks of life.”

“The more places do real ale in Mansfield, the more people will be tempted to come and spend money here.”