First dog walker fined for not carrying poop scoop bags

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Police have fined their first dog walker in Ashfield for failing to carry a poop scoop bags while out walking with their pet.

The £100 fixed penalty notice was dished out in Brierley Park in Sutton just months after new laws were introduced to clampdown on dog fouling that still blights many pavements and grassed areas.

Since October, more than 600 dog owners have been approached and every person, bar one, has been able to produce a receptacle to prove they were responsible.

Ashfield District Council’s portfolio holder for the environment, Councillor Tim Brown, said the authority was continuously working on making the streets and open areas in Ashfield cleaner for residents to enjoy.

“The council is working with residents and community groups to tackle the continually reported issue of dog fouling,” he said.

“We are totally committed to improving the environment using appropriate legislation where necessary.

“While the majority of the district’s dog owners behave responsibly when out walking their dog, there is, unfortunately a minority who persist in letting their dogs foul.

“The message is clear – pick it up or pay the fine. People who let their dogs foul will not be allowed to get away with it.”

Councillor Lee Anderson has spent time on patrol at Brierley with officers checking that dog walkers had the correct receptacles for cleaning up after their dogs.

“I spoke to some of the dog walkers, who said they were pleased that the patrols were taking place,” he said.

“The vast majority of people we spoke to had poo bags, apart from one incident when we saw a person let their dog foul and not clean up.

“He will now receive a fine of up to £100, making this a very expensive dog walk.”

Under the new rules, offenders who fail to pay the £100 within seven days face prosecution in a magistrates’ court and a fine of up to £1,000.

Dog waste can pose a serious health risk to humans, including blindness, particularly to young children.