Fireman thinks of others as he battles brain cancer

FIRE service commander Andy Wooler is raising money for a cancer charity as he comes to terms with being diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening brain tumour.

Andy, 45, a married father-of-one from Holmfirth, was diagnosed last year and has undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

While having treatment at Leeds General Infirmary he became familiar with Yorkshire children’s cancer charity, Candlelighters, and has now organised a fundraising car wash for the charity tomorrow (10am-4pm) at Huddersfield fire station. He wants help to raise £1,000.

Andy said: “Being diagnosed with a brain tumour is something I never contemplated would ever happen to me and it has been a massive shock to come to terms with - and I’m an adult.

“I have a 12-year-old son (Harry) and I wonder ‘what if it was our son going through what I’m going through?’‟ I don’t know how families deal with that.

“I just want to do something to show my gratitude to the hospital for the treatment and care I have received and hopefully raise some cash for the youngsters.”

Last year doctors told Andy that he had a grade three cancerous tumour, only one grade less than the most aggressive type.

He had 30 sessions of radiotherapy throughout November and December.

He said: “The radiotherapy was everyday Monday to Friday for six weeks. It zaps you completely. You just have no energy, that’s the biggest thing.”

He has since returned to work on non-operational duties at Huddersfield fire station.

It is unclear how well the treatment has worked.

“The oncology doctor said that they can’t get rid of the tumour so it’s living with it and managing it. My gut feeling is that I’m living with it for as long as I live and I hope that is many, many years. ”

“My work colleagues have been really great and firefighters will be on hand on Saturday to wash cars as long as they are not called out to an incident of course!”