Firefighters aim to cut carbon footprint

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NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service is investing in improved energy efficient lights at its Service Headquarters in Arnold in order to reduce energy consumption for lighting by up to 50 per cent.

The modifications, which began this week, involve the installation of new high-efficiency fluorescent tubes and new light fittings. It is anticipated that the cost of installing the lights will be recouped within the next four to five years through reduced energy bills.

Last year the cost for gas and electricity across all of the Service’s premises came to just over £450,000, with £89,532 of this applying to the Service’s Bestwood Lodge headquarters.

If successful, it’s anticipated that the improved lighting can be implemented at other Service premises in order to reduce energy consumption even further.

The move is part of a wider drive to save money and reduce the Service’s carbon footprint through improved energy efficiency. OProcurement and Estates Manager Ian Pritchard said: “As a Service we are constantly looking at ways of reducing our carbon footprint, but the need to make significant cost savings has put a renewed emphasis on reducing energy consumption and becoming more energy efficient.

“We are looking at everything we do with regard to energy usage, and are targeting big expenditure in order to make big savings. Our ‘spend to save’ measures, such as the replacement of the windows and lighting at Headquarters, will not only achieve long-term savings, but will also be part of our on-going commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and being as energy efficient as we can be.”