Fire trial wife Mairead Philpott claims ‘not blabbing’ referred to sex and dogging

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THE wife of former Mansfield man Mick Philpott has told a manslaughter trial they did not make up a ‘story’ after their six children died in a house fire.

Mairead Philpott was being questioned about whispered conversations in a police van and hotel room, which were both bugged by the police.

Richard Latham, QC, prosecuting at Nottingham Crown Court, asked her: “When you’re innocent, why was Mick saying to you ‘Don’t say nothing?’

“Was it because you had a story?”

Mairead (31) replied: “There was no story.”

She agreed her husband had told her not to talk to prisoners about it.

Mr Latham said to her: “If you told the truth it couldn’t do you any harm.”

Mr Latham said the jury had heard the covert tape of the couple talking – in normal voices some of the time but then whispering.

Mick (56) had whispered: “I didn’t mean to do it, on my life.”

He then wanted to know what Mairead had told the police.

In the van he said to her: “Are we sticking to the story?” She replied: “Mmm.”

Mick then added: “Unless you want me to blab about it.”

Mr Latham said Mairead’s explanation that ‘blabbing’ referred to her having sex with the third accused, Mick’s friend Paul Mosley, or going out ‘dogging’, did not make sense.

She claims they had decided weeks earlier not to refer to sexual matters.

Mr Latham claimed they made up a story about their neighbour Adam Taylor.

Mick had said to her: “You know what’s going to hang him, he had our petrol can and it had our petrol in it.”

Mr Latham said to her: “He was trying to persuade you to tell lies to the police?” “Yes,” she replied.

The Philpotts and Paul Mosley (46) deny the manslaughter of six children in a house fire in Victory Road, Derby, on May 11 last year. The trial continues.