Fire service defends position on care home art

Maun View Care Home have been told to take down art work from the walls by the Fire service
Maun View Care Home have been told to take down art work from the walls by the Fire service

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue have hit back at claims that red tape is impacting on the lives of dementia suffers, stating that they are applying legislation for the safety of vulnerable residents.

The service said that both Maun View and Clipstone Hall had breached regulations and advice issued by Dementia experts on providing stimulating environments without putting residents at risk.

They also denied they were targeting care homes in the Mansfield area and said it was ‘pure coincidence’ that two homes so close together had both had enforcement action taken against them.

The service said it had worked closely with dementia charities to ensure inspectors were aware of the benefits of therapeutic artwork, and was applying the same standards as other fire services around the country.

Vic McMillen, head of fire protection at Nottinghamshire Fire Service, said: “We firmly believe that the goals of these excellent schemes can be achieved without adverse effect on fire safety and compliance with primary legislation which the fire authority has a legal duty to enforce.

“Best quality care has to include ensuring they have the best quality care against the risk of fire. Our bottom line is to ensure that people are safe from the risk of fire in care homes and that some of the most vulnerable people in society are protected.”

He added that the service are always happy to work with individual care homes to ensure they are meeting the required standards, while also providing a stimulating environment for residents.

The fire service spoke to Chad after a second Mansfield care home has contacted Chad to say they have been forced to take down decorations from their walls following a fire service inspection.

Staff at the Maun View care home, in Chesterfield Road South, told Chad that they now have bare walls after inspectors from Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue issued them with a legal notice two weeks ago.

Last week, Chad exclusively revealed how the fire service had also forced staff at the Clipstone Hall Residential Care Home, in Mansfield Road, to remove art from its walls - leading to a storm of protest from relatives.

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