Fire breaks out at Sutton magnesium plant

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Residents in Sutton and Huthwaite were being urged to keep their windows closed today as firefighters tackled a blaze at a magnesium processing plant.

Five pumps were called out at 11.26am today, Saturday 18th January, to Meridian Technologies in Orchard Way, Sutton.

It was found that a fire had begun underneath a section of machinery.

Watch manager at Sutton Fire Station Richard Cooper said: “They were serious conditions inside the building because with magnesium, and the way it burns, you can’t put water on it ,you need a dry agent, and it can easily start up again.

“There were a large amount of flames inside the premises, but luckily we were able to isolate it around the machinery. If there’s any damage in other parts of the building it’s probably just smoke damage.”

It was thought that the fire had started following a build-up of magnesium at the base of the machine.

Police and ambulance were there on standby but there were no casualties reported. The last crews left the scene shortly before 5.30pm.