Fire at Vicar Water Country Park ‘could have been a lot worse’

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A country park in Clipstone are wanting to remind people about the dangers of fire.

A fire broke out at Vicar Water Country Park in Mansfield Road, on Tuesday, July 31, at around 3.30pm.

The fire spread across approximately 2,000 square metres of grass and gorse.

Two hose reels were used to extinguish the fire as well as water backpacks and beaters.

Firefighters had left the scene by 4.13pm.

A post on the park’s Facebook said: “A timely reminder of the damage that fire can do.

“It was only down to Notts Fire Service’s rapid response that the fire wasn’t a lot worse.

“Unsure of cause but even something simple as a discarded cigarette or glass bottle can cause a lot of damage.

“Please take care when visiting us.”

Paul Gair, station manager for prevention, said: “As a service, we attend all kinds of incidents, not just fires, but when our crews are mobilised to deal with grass fires, which can be large or small, they are potentially being taken away from attending more serious incidents where lives may be at risk, and I am sure that nobody wants that on their conscience.

“Our advice is to dispose of cigarettes properly, take all rubbish home or put it in a nearby bin and don’t leave glass bottles lying on the ground as sunlight shining on these can lead to a fire.”