Fight to halt hundreds of homes in Warsop

Residents of Warsop voice their concerns regarding plans to build new housing
Residents of Warsop voice their concerns regarding plans to build new housing

Residents have struck an early blow to halt future plans to build hundreds of homes next to a conservation area in Warsop.

An application to build up to 400 homes near the Hills and Holes area of the town is being anticipated – and a growing number of people have joined a group in an effort to prevent any such move.

The land is a site of special scientific interest and there are fears building so close could upset the delicate economic balance.

The campaign, named Let Warsop Speak, is gathering pace and hundreds of people have joined the fight against the proposals.

The groundswell began following the announcement in January that Mansfield District Council was putting together its Local Plan – to outline the potential for housing sites across the district for the next 17 years.

Among them are two areas of land off Stonebridge Road and Sookholme Lane.

Planning consultancy Pegasus Group looks set to submit plans to build, on behalf of Harworth Estates and the Trustees of the Warsop Estate.

A consultation event was held at Warsop Town Hall last month, but the campaign group claimed it was not well publicised.

Debra Barlow, a leading member of the group, said: “People had no idea what was happening and councillors kept telling us that it’s the Local Plan and nothing will happen for years, but we know an application is going in June or July.

“There’s just been no consultation and a lot of people are very concerned.

“We have leaflet dropped every house in Warsop, but we have no funds and we’re just doing it on donations.

“Now people are aware of this, they are starting to get very angry. It’s such a tranquil area.

“It’s a place that everybody loves and respects and it could be changed forever with homes being built right up to its boundary.

“It’s not that the people of Warsop don’t want regeneration, they do, but this will make Warsop an urban town, when we are a rural town.

“We are just worried that this will go through quietly.”

Pegasus Group says it is “likely” that the application will be submitted in the coming months.