‘Feral’ thieves steal Dawson’s green heart

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Heartless thieves have stolen a green heart decoration which was Huthwaite’s tribute to tragic Dawson Willcock.

The heart was the only decoration on the tree in Huthwaite Market place, as the village’s Christmas lights were switched on Thursday evening.

Youngsters wore wooden green hearts made at Huthwaite Hub and lit 100 candles in Dawson’s memory.

But on Friday morning the big green heart decoration had disappeared.

Councillor Lee Anderson said: “We put the heart on the tree to show our respect for Dawson and his family and it lasted about 18 hours.

“The vast majoprity of Huthwaite people are lovely people but it seems we still have abut one per cent who are just feral.”

“On Dawson’s Facebook page the family have adopted the green heart theme.

“We thought it would be fitting if all the children were given one of the hearts to wear when the lights are switched on.

“It is fitting to know that people in Huthwaite have a lot of love for him we will remember this in the Christmas service.

“The village has been united around the family and we have put on a lot of events to raise money for the fund.

“I just don’t know why anyone would want to do this.”