Fears raised over speeding drivers on Huthwaite road

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A Sutton councillor is calling for a road speed to be lowered after a serious incident.

Nottingham County Councillor for Sutton West, Tom Hollis, has raised concerns about a road in Huthwaite after a car knocked down a brick wall.

The incident happened on the junction of Columbia Street and Cross Lane.

It is understood the vehicle was then driven off after it destroyed the wall.

Cllr Hollis said: “This was a major incident and looking at the damage it’s clear that someone could have easily been killed. The wall had been wiped out. We are lucky someone was not hurt.

“I was contacted initially by a resident in Mercia Court which overlooks the crash site and contacted the police and Ashfield District Council straight away.

“Although you can’t legislate for this type of incident – residents, are now saying that it’s time something was done about the speeding.

“It is being used as rat run for the M1 and that is the point I have made on several occasions in County Hall.

“I’d like to see a 20mph speed limit on Columbia Street introduced and for the police and county council to treat speeding more seriously.”

The incident happened at 8,45pm on the August Bank Holiday on Monday, August 28.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police has said: “Officers were called at 8.45pm on Monday, August 28, to a report of damage to a wall in Columbia Street, Huthwaite.

“At around 8.45pm a car is believed to have hit the wall and then driven off.

“If anyone has any information about the incident please call us on 101, quoting incident number 852 of 28 August 2017.”

Councillor Hollis has thanked residents for getting in touch with him about the incident via his Facebook page.

He said: “Working together on social media allowed us to report this incident straight away.

“Dozens of residents contacted me in the end and I would like to thank them for their vigilance.

“Like me, they are calling for the problems of speeding traffic to be sorted before a more serious incident or even a fatality happens.

“It’s that serious.”