Father’s fears over ‘death trap’ road

The family of Luke Winter look at a photograph of him
The family of Luke Winter look at a photograph of him
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THE father of a Nether Langwith man killed in a fatal collision on the A60 at Cuckney Hill last year has said that motorists are still driving dangerously through the stretch of road.

Luke Winter (24) died in the crash on 15th August last year when a speeding car being driven by 21-year-old Joseph Weston ploughed into his Citroen C2.

Last week, the Chad reported that Weston has been told to expect a prison term, after pleading guilty to causing death by dangerous driving at Nottingham Crown Court.

Speaking after the hearing, Luke’s father, Geoff Winter, said motorists are still driving too fast through Cuckney Hill, despite a Chad campaign to have speed cameras installed at the danger spot.

Mr Winter said: “That stretch of road is still a death trap -the way cars are still coming tearing through, despite everything that has happened.”

Following the crash, Luke suffered multiple injuries and died later that night - leaving parents Geoff and Sharon, sister Rachel, and his pregnant partner Keeley Nattriss, who gave birth to their daughter, Nancy, on 11th January.

Mr Winter said: “We are all in a mess - Keeley is having to cope with a baby on her own, and she is doing an incredible job. You just can’t imagine the grief we are going through.”

“Last night we had a barbeque and it was just heartbreaking because Luke’s seat was empty. Whatever sentence Joseph Weston gets, out life sentence started on 14thAugust last year.”

He also called on Weston and his family to apologise for Luke’s death.

He added: “If the tables had been turned and it had been Luke who had killed Joseph, he would have crawled on his hands and knees to say he was sorry.”

Weston, of Longdale Lane, Ravenshead, will be sentenced on 9th July.