Father faces prison for attacking disabled wife

A DAD could be locked up following attacks on his disabled Bolsover wife and pet dog.

Steven and Sharon Wellings had been in an 18-year relationship and shared a two-bedroom council bungalow on Dumbles Road with their two children.

Chesterfield magistrates were told on Wednesday that she was confined to a wheelchair and Wellings, who she married five years ago, was her designated carer.

The court was told Wellings attacked his wife after an argument over baked beans.

Said Diane Ball, prosecuting: “She went to bed and the next thing the door burst open and her husband threw a wicker basket and a dog bowl containing water at her.

“She has a pony tail and he also accepts pulling it two or three times and yanking her head back, which hurt because she has had an operation at the top of her spine.”

He also struck their pet border collie, Nula, with a plastic baseball bat. Wellings (44), currently living with relatives in Wollaton, Nottingham, admitted charges of assault and causing unnecessary suffering to a dog between 1st December and 1st January.

Sentence was adjourned for reports, but Wellings was told he could be locked up at the next hearing on 6th April.

In mitigation, Kevin Tomlinson said Wellings had become ‘frustrated with his lot in life’ and began drinking heavily and this affected his behaviour.

A care assistant said Wellings had become abusive towards his wife, but the assistant ‘did not portray him as an ogre’, said Mr Tomlinson.