Farm idea for old Mansfield Brewery site

Katrina Atherton by the site of the old Mansfield Brewery
Katrina Atherton by the site of the old Mansfield Brewery

The old Mansfield Brewery site could be transformed into a town farm, a councillor has suggested.

The site was cleared 13 years ago and its future remains uncertain, compounded by Mansfield District Council’s recent decision to reject an application to allow the site to continue being used as a trailer storage park.

However, Councillor Katrina Atherton insists there is “much potential” for the area close to the town centre.

Although she admits her ideas are “pie in the sky” at the moment, she says that, given the attention and cash, there are a wealth of possibilities for the old brewery site and other neglected areas of the town.

She said: “I have got a few ideas, as well as regenerating sites in Mansfield in general.

“There are millions of pounds worth of funding that could potentially be accessed for regenerating sites.

“Personally, I think it would be cracking town farm site, with space for polytunnels for vegetables, and a centre for a cookery school for mums, dads and children to learn how to cook healthy meals.

“We could do something eco-friendly here, the council working with schools and community groups to make something vibrant and sustainable with added long-term health benefits.

“You could even grow small amounts of wheat, outsource further stock from local growers, and bring the town mill back into use with a bakery and café.

“As the site is so large there is also the potential for business use – there has been high demand for small workshop spaces for start-up businesses.

“We could even open a micro-brewery on the site, bringing brewing back to Mansfield.

“There is so much potential, it just needs a council with vision. I’d be happy to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in.”

Planners unanimously rejected the plans by trucking firm SDC, of Bradder Way, Mansfield, to continue using the brewery site as a trailer park. It had been leasing the site since February.

Prior to this, the site had stood vacant since the brewery closed in 2002, with the buildings on the site bulldozed and cleared in 2008.

The brewery dated back to 1855 and by the mid 20th century, was one of the biggest employers in the town.