Fans banned after trouble at Mansfield Town match

Mansfield Town v Notts County.
Mansfield Town v Notts County.

Football fans who caused trouble at the match between Mansfield Town and Notts County have been banned from attending any games for the next three years.

Notts County supporters Charles Barnaby, 33, and Lewis Betts, 24, were hauled before the magistrates together after being arrested at the One Call Stadium last month.

Barnaby, of Nelson Street, Ilkeston, admitted trying to get onto the pitch during the match, and was quickly arrested.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court was told that Barnaby, who is on benefits, has caused trouble at a football matches before and received a three-year banning order in 2007.

Betts, of Wheatacre Road, Clifton, Nottingham, admitted possessing a flare at a sporting event.

In mitigation, Donna Pursglove, representing both, said it was not Betts’ flare and he had not taken it into the ground.

He had found it outside and had picked up, ‘waved it for a few seconds’ and the put it down because it was stinging his eyes.

District Judge Andrew Meachin handed him the banning order, an eight-week electronic tag curfew and made him pay £145 in costs.

Barnaby was also fined £120 and made to pay £115 in costs.

Judge Meachin told Barnaby: “You are not unfamiliar with problems at football games, nine years ago you were in the same position.

“I’m somewhat surprised you are back before the court.

“What you did stirs other people, they react to you and there could have been massive public order problems.”

Meanwhile, a third Notts County fan arrested at the Stags match for being drunk and disorderly was made to pay out £245.

Matthew Gordon Woodward, 25, of Walnut Tree Gardens, Nottingham, admitted the charge at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court.

The court was told how Woodward had been goading the police and refused to sit back in his seat in the ground. He struggled as police then tried to detain him.

He was fined £130 and made to pay £115 in costs. No banning order was made.

He told the court that it was simply a ‘one off’ incident.

The match, which Mansfield Town won 5-0, had been married by trouble.

Stags were left counting the cost after toilets in the ground were vandalised by County fans.