Famous Mansfield supercop retires after record breaking career with Nottinghamshire Police

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A famous Mansfield ‘super cop’ is retiring after 14 years with Nottinghamshire Police.

Diederik Coetzee has been forced to retire on medical grounds after joining the force in 1999.

He served as the beat officer on Mansfield’s Ladybrook Estate.

The supercop made a national record of 309 arrests in ten months in 2005 earning him the title and he has also been awarded for his bravery with numerous awards.

In 2006, Mr Coetzee again made the headlines for topping the national record of arrests in 12 months by ‘nicking’ 404 criminals.

PC Coetzee will retire on medical grounds at the end of this month.

He said: “I miss the job but unfortunately my injuries are just too bad to return as a police officer.

“I am however looking into the possibility of contributing to the Force as a volunteer.”

Before becoming a police officer in Britain Mr Coetzee was a police dog handler in his native South Africa for 22 years.

He received the Colin Hough Dedicated Excellence Award for his commitment and enthusiasm for policing in 2009 among other awards.

But Mr Coetzee has had a challenging career. He was badly injured when off duty after being hit by a motorist in 2011.

While cycling towards Blidworth he was struck by a vehicle from behind which then sped off in a hit and run.

The driver, Mitchel Graham of Grange Road in Blidworth, was jailed for 15 months and disqualified from driving for five years as a result of leaving Mr Coetzee for dead.