Family's heartbreak after great-niece steals 'thousands' in savings

Horace Oscroft
Horace Oscroft

The family of a vulnerable elderly man from Sutton have spoken of their anger after a relative stole thousands from him.

Horace Oscroft, aged 85, had about £30,000 stolen by his great-niece Amanda Graffeo before he died in September.

Graffeo, was jailed for two years in June after admitting the offence.

Before he died, Mr Oscroft told your Chad he felt “stupid” and “naive” after police turned up at his house to tell him his bank accounts had been drained – leaving him about £3,000 in debt.

Shirley Motteshead, Mr Oscroft’s niece, said police turned up at his home in Sutton in 2014 after the Halifax reported discrepancies in his bank account, and he was left overdrawn by £3,000.

Mrs Motteshead said: “She had taken over power of attorney.

“He had given her his card to pay his bills and do his shopping.

“The judge said she had systematically robbed an old man of his savings and what makes it worse is that it is a family member.”

She said at least £30,000 was stolen from Mr Oscroft.

Mrs Motteshead and her husband paid off many of Mr Oscroft’s debts when they discovered what had happened, including a £300 bill to keep his electricity on.

She said: “She felt no remorse whatsoever, it was pure greed.

“In court, she just sat there, she wasn’t a bit remorseful. It was horrendous for Horace.

“She’s my niece. If my sister was still alive she would be devastated.

“She had no relationship with him before she wheedled her way in and then she isolated him.

“If I’d had an inkling I would have stopped it.

“He was crying when he told me, I was so shocked.

“He has worked really hard for his whole life and saved and saved.

“She left him with nothing, she wiped him clean.”