Family mourn six month old daughter who ‘could light up a room’ with her smile

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A Forest Town mum of four has told of her family’s utter devastation after her only daughter fell asleep and never woke up aged just six months.

Tiny Darcee Wagstaffe, born on May 8 2015 at King’s Mill died at King’s Mill Hospital on December 3

Her mum Stacey Wagstaffe, 25 said: “Darcee was a happy and healthy little girl

“My brother put her to bed and at 7.30 am we couldn’t wake her up.

“She had stopped breathing and she was purple and cold.

She said Darcees’s dad Daniel and an ambulance crew tried in vain to revive her by giving her CPR.

She was taken to King’s Mill Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Stacey said: “She was happy and cheerful - she could light up a room if you felt miserable and there was never a dull moment around her.

“She was my only daughter - we have three boys and when Darcee was born all it felt like all our Christmases and birthdays came at once.

“She was happy and smiley and had started to roll on the floor.

“Just before she died her first tooth was starting to show.

“She loved her food and would wolf solids down as well as feeding on the bottle through the night.

The best memory I have of her was when she was three months old - I walked into the living room and my two year old son logan was feeding her his yoghurt.

“Her face was lit up as if to say ‘give me some more’”

The couple have three sons Declan 4, Logan 2 and one-year old Kenzee.

“They were all May babies and Darcee was our only daughter,” said Stacey.

“When she died it was devastating - it tore our family apart.”

“Doctors told us they think it was a cot death. She had no illnesses.

“After the post mortem they said her brain heart kidneys and liver were all fine.”

Stacey said it would be at least a year before the official cause of death would be known.

Darcee was buried at Mansfield Woodhouse Cemetery on December 31.