Family back Cuckney Hill speed camera appeal

A60 RTA scene where motorist Luke Winter died.
A60 RTA scene where motorist Luke Winter died.

THE family of a man killed on the A60 Cuckney Hill have backed Chad’s campaign for speed cameras on the stretch of road.

Luke Winter (24) was killed when the Citroen he was driving was involved in a collision with a Ford Fiesta at about 7.45pm on Wednesday 15th August.

Mr Winter’s pregnant partner Keeley Nattriss lost her father Tony in a crash on the same road in 2009.

An inquest into Mr Winter’s death has been opened and adjourned.

There have been six fatal crashes on the 2km stretch since 2006.

Just under 1,500 people signed our petition to get speed cameras installed.

Sonya Hurt, a senior crash site investigator for the county council, visited the site on Wednesday morning with Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale to discuss the dangers of the road.

Mr Winter’s family signed the petition on Wednesday afternoon before Sir Alan, county councillor John Allin and Chad editor Tracy Powell took the petition to Nottinghamshire County Council on Thursday.

An interview with the family will be featured in next week’s Chad.