Fallen soldiers deserve recognition

I was wondering how many local people knew that there were WWI war graves in the graveyard of St Alban the martyr’s church in Forest Town?

In July, I went to visit the Western Front in Belgium and France, and was really moved by the commonwealth war graveyards, they were filled with loads of graves, all exactly the same apart from the name, regimental badge and occasionally, the family had paid for a caption on the headstone. Then, when I was on the bus from Edwinstowe to Mansfield we stopped at some traffic lights outside a church, when I noticed they had a few similar headstones in the graveyard. . It made me wonder how many people knew they were there, especially as it’s coming up to the centenary of The First World War, surely these people deserve recognition for doing their bit for King and Country, even if only to raise people’s awareness of the millions and millions of other young men who bravely went to war

Millie Kiel,via email