Fair rents needed to end homes crisis

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I read with interest your reader County Councillor Gardiner’s comments (Chad letters , January 22) and he is correct that the sale of council houses did not cause the problem in causing a housing shortage.

No, as a long standing councillor at the time, the problem was caused by the receipts for the sale of these houses going to the treasury rather than the council, plus the fact that councils were not allowed at the time to build any more council houses.

Just imagine if the councils had received the money from the sale of the council houses to build more council houses, we would not have a problem now, but councils were not allowed to build houses, hence the shortage now.

I think your correspondent must be a member of the UKIP party, because he spouts their philosophy: immigrants are to blame for everything.

After the war we had thousands of displaced persons who had fought Hitler, come here and found a new life, we built council homes then.

He mentions private landlords, as a councillor who chaired an appeals panel in Mansfield and sat with an officer from the Fair Rents Department, private landlords were milking the sacred cow because if a tenant was on housing benefit, they raised the rent because the Government was footing the bill.

The housing benefits bill is too high, this is because lots of landlords are charging their tenants too much rent because the landlords know the Government is paying.

It’s time we brought back the Fair Rents Officer, which the Tory Government did away with.

Allan McLean

Meden Vale