Failed social club set for demolition

Any hope of reviving the fortunes of an old working mens club building look to have been lost as proposals are put forward to bulldoze the building.

The old Longden Terrace Miners Welfare in Warsop has been closed for two years, and despite attempts to use it as a community centre, a planning application has been submitted to Mansfield District Council to pull it down, along with the bowls pavilion located on the same site.

A demolition notice has been proposed and only a decision is required by the council’s planning department before work can begin.

In a statement written on behalf of the applicant, John Stevens, of Edwinstowe, it reads: “Over recent years footfall at the miners’ welfare has decreased dramatically leading to it closing as a welfare.

“Attempts have been made to provide a community-based location, providing a centre for activities as bingo, dancing and local clubs.

“These have proved unsuccessful and the building is now closed completely.”

The statement goes on to say that the building has fallen into a state of disrepair and significant work is required to repair the roof and the electrics if any attempt was to be made to save the building.

Anti-social behaviour has also proved an issue, with police having been called to the site ‘on many occasions’, while thieves have also targeted the buildings, stealing lead from the roofs and stripping away anything of value from inside.

“These events have also contributed to the overall poor condition of the building,” the statement reads.

“Although not subject to the same anti-social behaviour, the bowls building is an old timber structure and is in need of significant repairs.”

It is proposed that once the demolition work is complete, a new bowls pavilion will be built, along with a clubhouse.

County and parish councillor John Allin welcomed the move, saying: “The welfare has passed its sell-by-date, it would need a lot of money spending on it.

“As long as they build a similar, smaller one, because if we are not careful, we will lose another place for people to go.”