EYE SPY: Decimal dismay for Mansfield drivers

editorial image

DEPENDING on which way you look at this picture, it could either be a reasonably-priced car park, or one of the most expensive ever created.

This snap was sent in by Chris Stansfield from Forest Town and was taken on the A60 opposite the Gala bingo hall.

Now for people with a decimal disposition, it could read that this new parking company will be charging £70 an hour.

You’d be better off staying all day, you get a huge reduction...

Given the number of drivers contacting the Chad about unjust fines at car parks owned by other firms, it may actually sound like a bargain to pay £70.

Parking, as ever, is a hot issue in Mansfield. There are few who now trust the camera controlled car parks with stories of cameras failing to pick up cars leaving and disgruntled motorists ending up with big fines dropping on their mat.

In some cases, their frustrations go unheard as they are unable to get through to a person, and must make do with an automated response.

As for town centre parking, why are parking meters still pay-up-front machines?

Constant talk of breathing life into town centres is counteracted by people tied to a one-hour or two-hour limit. You should be able to take a ticket, then pay when you leave.

Then again, you can’t get fined, so that probably loses revenue for those in charge.