Exploring Old Hardwick Hall with Chad’s Audio Guides

TOURISM in North Nottinghamshire and parts of Derbyshire has a rich legacy with many famous attractions on offer - thanks in part to the life of Bess of Hardwick.

The iconic Countesss of Shrewsbury tranformed herself into the second richest lady in the real behind the Queen and was responsible for the construction of a range of impressive estates, including Old Hardwick Hall, Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth House.

NMAC11-0065-2''Stephen Thirkill

NMAC11-0065-2''Stephen Thirkill

And in this edition of Chad Audio Guides, host Stephen Thirkill is given a special tour around Old Hardwick Hall, where he discovers what drove Bess on towards her fame and fortune.

Stephen also hears why Bess, who lived between 1521 and 1608, should be considered by many women as an iconic role model.

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The show is presented by Chad journalist, and lover of all things outdoor, Stephen Thirkill.

Said Stephen: “Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire has a rich and vibrant tourist industry and many attractions and people to be very proud of.

“It was fantastic to find out so much more about all these places.

“What I loved the most was discovering all the stories behind the buildings and finding out about people such as Bess of Hardwick and Lord Byron who helped put these places on the map.

“It is stories and characters such as these that really help to bring the history of the region alive.

“The guides were so passionate and knowledgeable, it was a pleasure to be shown around by them.

“I hope their enthusiasm shines through and encourages people listening to the CDs to get out and about and see for themselves what we have on our doorstep.”

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