Ex-addict warns others not to take Black Mamba

Black Mamba
Black Mamba

An ex heroin user has said that taking Black Mamba was the worst experience of his life, and wants to warn other not to take the drug.

Ricky Grattage, 46, from Mansfield Woodhouse, first took heroin in 1995, and became addicted when he was in prison.
He first tried cannabis when he was 11, although he didn’t regularly experiment with drugs until he left school.
Although Mr Grattage is now stable on methadone, and wants to remain clean, he has taken a range of drugs in the past.
Mr Grattage said: “I tried Black Mamba once when it was legal.
“I was visiting a friend in Blackburn and my friend had some Black Mamba, which he said was the closest thing he had to cannabis.
“I thought that it did look like weed, so I lit up and had three drags.”
“All of a sudden I was saying to my mate I’m on my way out, I’m on my way, I’m going to die. I broke down crying and asked my mate to take my dog to my mums because I thought I was going to die.”
“My mate told me to go and lie down and let it pass, so I laid down and got the bad feelings out of my head.
“I’ve never come across a strain of cannabis like it, it’s closer to ecstasy than anything else, but I had auditory hallucinations as well.”
“I’ve never had a worse experience. Even when I was stabbed in the leg it wasn’t as bad.”
“To anyone out there thinking of taking it, stay well clear.”
Mr Grattage doesn’t know why spice users are taking the drug more frequently on the streets on Mansfield, but it may be something to do with escaping problems.
Mr Grattage said: “It removes you from your mind, from your self respect and who you are as a person. You forget who you are and what you’re about.”
Mr Grattage was in prison for eleven years for theft, burglary and intent to supply, but after turning his life around, he wants to speak out about his story to warn people not to take drugs.
He said: “I have seen how drugs tear people apart, they tear families apart and if there’s anything I can do to stop people using then I will.”