Eviction noticed served on travellers in Sutton

Councillors have served an eviction noticed on travellers currently camped on the Hardwick Lane Playing Fields in Sutton.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 9th August 2018, 2:02 pm
Updated Monday, 13th August 2018, 11:33 am
Councillor Jason Zadrozny and resident Sarah Madigan on the site
Councillor Jason Zadrozny and resident Sarah Madigan on the site

Ashfield Independents, who now run Ashfield District Council, have visited the site to speak to the travellers and served an eviction order on them.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, leader of the council, said: "Please do not approach the travellers - we are doing everything possible to get them to move on.

"We are working with the council to get them moved off as soon as possible."

He added: "We are getting to grips with the travellers problem across Sutton.

"We have already evicted travellers from Strawberry Bank allotments in Huthwaite and from Sutton Lawn.

"We are now faced with travellers on Hardwick Lane Playing Fields and are exercising a zero-tolerance approach.

"We have already served the eviction order and have been down to reassure residents that we are taking decisive action.

"Despite being intimidated by travellers, members of our team have begun dialogue with the them.

"We reminded them that Ashfield District Council provides facilities for travellers and they should use those instead of our playing fields and open spaces."

Sutton Campaigners David Hennigan and Sarah Madigan as well as councillors Jason Zadrozny and Samantha Deakin and the Ashfield Independent Team have thanked local residents for letting them know about the camp.