Everything for sale as British Home Stores closes

Mannequins for sale at Mansfield British Home Stores closing down sale.
Mannequins for sale at Mansfield British Home Stores closing down sale.

It was an emotional day for staff at Mansfield’s British Home Stores branch as it closed its doors for the last time on Sunday.

Some 27 staff have lost their livelhoods and those who have served in the store most of their working lives are facing the very real possibility of a retirement less rosy than they had planned.

They had been told not to speak to the press, as shoppers picked over the last of the stock, including even the shelving.

The store has been a fixture on West Gate for as long as many customers could remember.

Crockery, clothes and lampstands were still being sold at a discount on the ground floor as the clock ticked towards the 4pm closing time.

At the back were ghostly rows of white mannequins, male female and, limbs and torsos all up for sale at a bargain price.

Customer Stacey Adkins from Mansfield had bought a mannequin and limb parts for £20.

She said she was going to use it as an Halloween prop.

Stacey said; “It is a shame it is closing, it has been here forever. Times move on I suppose.

“There’s hardly anything left in Mansfield these days”

Mark Lewis of Skegby said: “It is a very sad day and I believe it is the wrong way they have gone about it.

“I feel sorry for everyone who has lost their jobs.

“And It looks like their pension fund has got a big black hole in it now.”

Doreen Davis of Meden Vale said what had happened was ‘disgraceful’.

She said;”It has always been a popular shop, People have lost their jobs but the fat cats can still buy new yachts.”