Euro 2016: no excuse for abuse as Euro 2016 kicks off

Help is available for victims of domestic violence.
Help is available for victims of domestic violence.

A huge increase in domestic abuse is expected in Mansfield as the Euro 2016 football tournament kicks off.

Police are urging Football fans not too ‘lose it all for football’ after receiving a high volume of calls relating to domestic abuse incidents during major tournaments.

And the tournament will see specialist domestic abuse services working with the police in Ashfield and Mansfield to ensure support is available to anyone who needs it.

Mansfield Police Inspector Nick Butler said: “Local and national data sadly illustrates that major football tournaments do have a negative impact on domestic abuse.

“Service providers in Ashfield and Mansfield are working together to help prevent this and to ensure everyone knows there is support and how to get it if incidents do occur.

“We hope the tournament goes well for everyone.”

This and other measures which include promotion of the 24-hour Domestic Abuse helpline and police liaison with licensed premises to ensure they maintain a safe atmosphere have been put in place to deal with an anticipated rise in cases during the tournament.

World Cup analysis carried out in Mansfield District in 2010 showed that levels of domestic abuse increased during the World Cup 2010 and followed similar patterns in 2006. A national research paper written in 2013 found that an England match day increased the risk of domestic abuse by 26 per cent when the England team won or drew, and by 38% when England lost.

As a result of these findings, members of Ashfield Community Partnership and Mansfield Community Partnership are working together to help reduce the risk, to raise awareness of support available and to deal quickly and efficiently with any cases that do occur.

Posters reminding people that a football result is not an excuse for domestic abuse and providing the Nottinghamshire helpline number are being circulated to pubs and clubs, public buildings and converted for use on plasma screens in licensed premises.

Extra police officers will be concentrating on licenced premises during match times in both areas and in Mansfield there will be a Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid Ltd worker available to offer help to any survivors of domestic incidents. They will be supported by the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Social media campaigns are being run by Women’s Aid Integrated Services (WAIS) in Ashfield and by Nottinghamshire Women’s Aid Ltd (NWAL) in Mansfield. The domestic violence prevention officers for Ashfield District Council and Mansfield District Council are both helping distribute materials and information in their respective areas for men and women affected by the issue.

or help, advice or to report domestic abuse at any time, everyone is welcome to call the Nottinghamshire free* 24-hour helpline - 0808 800 0340.

*Calls are free from landlines and from these mobile networks: 3, Everything Everywhere, O2, Virgin and Vodafone. Other networks may charge and may appear on your bill. If in doubt, contact your network.