VIDEO: Ashfield Council chop down 22 trees at leisure centre

Ashfield Council are claiming that their decision to chop down 22 trees was justified despite residents’ concerns.

A variety of trees preparing to bloom for Spring have been reduced to stumps at Hucknall Leisure Centre.

The Linby Road site is now strewn with two foot stumps where the trees once stood.

“It is such a shame that these trees have been cut down,” said one Kersall Gardens resident whose back garden overlooks the car park.

“Why plant something, let it grow for years then chop it down? It took them three days and at what cost?”

The council said the trees were causing a problem at the site and had to go.

“The 22 trees at Hucknall Leisure Centre have been cut down due to a number of issues,” said a council spokesman. “The trees were in a narrow strip between the car park and footpath and were shallowly planted.

“This caused the trees roots to girdle and become surface exposed, causing damage to footpaths. Other ongoing maintenance issues with the trees include interference with CCTV and lighting columns. The remaining stumps and roots will shortly be removed to remedy the issues and a number of ornamental Cherry trees will be planted in the grassed area along the leisure centre frontage to replace the trees.”