Teething problems with grass cutting in Mansfield and Ashfield

Grass cutting protest sign outside Boothy's Club in Mansfield.
Grass cutting protest sign outside Boothy's Club in Mansfield.

LONG grass on verges around Mansfield and Ashfield could be under control by the end of the week after county council bosses revealed that staff are going the extra mile to cut the problem down to size.

Grass cutting teams took to local roads for the third weekend in a row to blitz the long grass, which has been reported as up to four-feet-high in some areas.

Extra staff have also been drafted in to target the Mansfield area throughout this week, following dozens of complaints to the Chad from irate residents.

Andy Warrington, from the authority’s highways department, said: “The county council took back responsibility for grass cutting from district and borough councils from the beginning of April and there have been a few teething problems.

“However, we are moving quickly to rectify that and are now making good progress.

“May and June are always the busiest months when it comes to grass cutting as that’s when the grass grows fastest.

“We are working hard to get on top of the situation. We only lost one day this week due to the weather and are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Residents have welcomed the tidy up in parts of the area where the grass cutting teams have been out, but others say it will be a matter of weeks before the problem returns.

Mansfield Woodhouse resident Andrea Garrett called the Chad to complain about long grass along the verges of the A60, which was restricting the views of motorists turning from Sookholme Lane. But she said that the grass had now been cut by the county council.

She said: “They’ve now taken the whole verge down and you can see over the grass again, so it’s not dangerous at the moment. But the problem’s going to be back in a couple of weeks and we’ll be back where we started.”