Silt removal plan for Mill Pool

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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A project to remove tonnes of silt from the Mill Pool at the Carrs Nature Reserve is underway in preparation for dredging work due to commence in mid to late August.

Mansfield District Council has started the process of dropping the water levels in the pool, in order to let the reed bed dry out as much as possible, prior to removal of the silt.

The council has been advised by the Environment Agency that any wildlife will settle elsewhere if their habitat is disturbed, but this will not be harmful to them in any way, a spokesman said.

Water levels will be monitored by council staff twice daily until a contractor has been appointed and work has commenced to clear the site. The silt will be stored on the nature reserve and will be re-used for landscaping.

Coun Philip Shields told Chad: “We have been working hard to bring about these improvements and deal with the high levels of silt, which have caused so many problems. I would ask people to bear with us and notify us if they have any concerns, while this work is being carried out.”