Several Mansfield areas at high risk of flooding

Mill Lane, Kirkby
Mill Lane, Kirkby

Several areas of Mansfield are considered to be at high risk of flooding.

New data, available on , indicates whether areas are at high, medium or low risk of flooding.

Mansfield Football Club, Titchfield Park and the area around St Peter’s Way are considered to be high risk areas.

The area saw flooding in June last year, following heavy rain. Mansfield Chad readers submitted several photos of the flooding, available HERE.

Other areas at high risk include the ground near L Lake in Rainworth, Kings Mill Reservoir, near Kings Mill Hospital, and the area around the River Meden near Stanton Hill.

Parts of Jacksdale, Bilsthorpe, Ollerton and Pleasley are also considered to be at high risk of flooding.

The data, available for free, allows users to pinpoint their distance from known risks of flooding.

Users can search their post code or address to find how close they are to flood risks.

The service is expected to be popular with people who think their houses might be at risk, or those in the process of buying property or businesses.

Rod Plummer, managing director of Shoothill, who run the site, said: “This hugely valuable dataset became freely available only very recently as part of the Environment Agency’s continued commitment to the UK’s Open Data initiative.

“By using our previous expertise in flood mapping, and in the presentation of big data in easy to understand formats, we’ve been able to make this information easily accessible to everyone. In doing so, we’ve also completed a suite of products, with FloodAlerts and GaugeMap, which allow for proactive flood alerts, live monitoring from rivers and the sea and now a more general checking of an area’s flood profile.

“We can easily imagine this becoming a standard check that people do before buying property, just like running a search on broadband availability or school catchment areas.

“Now, anyone can check their flood risk in seconds and we will keep the data updated in step with the Environment Agency releasing amended versions to it in the years ahead.”

To check the risk of flooding in your area, click HERE.