Plans to block alleyway which was blighted by fly-tipping

Plans have been announced to gate off an alleyway after it was blighted by fly-tipping.

The alleyway which is shared by homes on Victoria Street and Moor Street was targeted by arsonists and fly-tippers in January.

The alleyway in January.

The alleyway in January.

More than 40 residents protested following the incidents for Mansfield District Council to take action.

The council has now announced that it is looking into gating off the targeted area.

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In a letter to residents the council said it was looking into a gate following "persistent anti-social behaviour including incidents of fly tipping".

The gate, which if granted, would be a "large cast iron gate" that will be locked 24 hours a day for seven days a week.

The alleyway in January.

The alleyway in January.

Residents who need access will be "given keys".

The council has also said it is likely that the residents will not be charged.

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The council are also consulting upon a Public Spaces Protection Order that should come into force in August this year.

Residents have until March 25 to have their say on the gate.

If you would like to comment contact Community Safety at Mansfield District Council or email