Mark Spencer MP Takes the fight for Sherwood’s Greenbelt to Westminster

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SHERWOOD MP Mark Spencer brought the fight to defend Sherwood’s greenbelt to the House of Commons this week, raising the matter in a debate on housing last Wednesday.

Mark praised the Government’s decision to scrap the disastrous Regional Spatial Strategy – a strategy which previously saw central Government prescribing the number of houses to be built in local authorities – but raised concerns that some local authorities were continuing to use the outdated targets.

Mark said in the debate: “Some of my local authorities are resting on those figures from the regional spatial strategy. I sincerely hope that the Minister can find ways of convincing them to reconsider the numbers of houses they are going to plonk in the green belt and focus on where and how those houses are being developed because they are having an enormous impact on the sustainability of the local communities.”

Mark said: “Sherwood has a passion for its greenbelt and I have received numerous representations from constituents distressed and angered by local attempts to build houses on their precious green spaces, often feeling they have had little or no consultation on the matter.

“For months now I have made clear my constituents’ concerns that the number of houses and their locations have been decided without proper consideration of the implications to the local infrastructure and environment; I only hope our pleas to the councils involved have not fallen on deaf ears.”