Mansfield schoolgirls swap school for the streets to protest against climate change

Six passionate Mansfield school pupils have chosen to take a day off school and take a stand against climate change

The children, five from The Brunts Academy and one from Holly Primary School, swapped art and physics for activism and protest as they took to the streets to campaign for the environment.

The children pictured on Bath Lane, Mansfield, on their way to the town centre.

The children pictured on Bath Lane, Mansfield, on their way to the town centre.

They are taking part in an international ‘Friday for Future: Schools Strike for Climate’ event which was organised by 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Organising the half-dozen pupils who took part in the action was Poppy Asher, aged 12, who believes children “are the future” and that “not enough action is being done to tackle international climate change”.

Poppy, who got interested in protesting climate change after watching a plastic pollution documentary, said: “This morning we started outside the turning circle at Brunts and a few teachers came out to see what we were doing.

“We then walked from Brunts into town where we chanted on our way up Bath Lane, and until now we have counted 111 dirty looks from the public.

Poppy and her sister Kitty.

Poppy and her sister Kitty.

“We’ve had people pipping at us and others asking what we’re doing.

“It’s such an important thing coming out on strike and we want to encourage as many young people to get involved with the movement - it’s your future at stake.”

Poppy was joined by four of her peers at Brunts and her little sister Kitty, aged 10, who attends Holly Primary.


The girls in Market Square.

The girls in Market Square.

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Phoebe Gillborn, aged 14, was one of the girls on strike. She said: “I’ve come on strike because nobody is listening when it comes to climate change.

“I feel very passionate about it and that my grandchildren may not get the chance to enjoy this beautiful planet in the way I will get to.

“People are very careless with their plastic use and that has to change.”

Abi Noble, also 14, added: “I’m protesting because I want to make a better life for us and the planet.

“Because it’s a global strike I hope it will have a real impact on the way people are viewing the issue.

“Nothing is being done by politicians at the minute and so I think we need to make a stand ourselves.”

The children marched from Brunts Academy to the Old Town Hall at about 10am, before arriving back at Brunts for 3.15pm.

The Brunts Academy has been contacted for a comment.