Mansfield’s new recycling steps

RECYCLING in Mansfield has taken a step into the future with the introduction of new metal banks for foil as well as food and drink cans.

The campaign is being led by Mansfield District Council, recycling company Recresco and the Aluminium Packaging Recycling Organisation (Alupro).

It hopes to unlock the often overlooked potential of recycling foils, which represent a large proportion of metal packaging waste.

The six-month scheme will place eight metal recycling banks at major supermarkets around the Mansfield and Ashfield area. If the trial is successful, the partners hope the banks will become a permanent fixture in the two districts.

Mick Betts, refuse supervisor inspector for Mansfield District Council, said: “This service is great for residents who want to recycle as many items as possible.

“We are continually looking to increase the range of items we can recycle, and make it easy for residents to take part. Adding foil to can recycling does exactly that.”

Aluminium foil and cans can be recycled an unlimited amount of times, which can prove especially helpful in reducing carbon emissions.

Rick Hindley, executive director from Alupro, said: “We use three billion foil containers in the UK every year – that’s about 182 per household.”

The campaign is backed by Unilever, one of Britain’s largest consumer goods producers and major aluminium foil container manufacturers Coppice Alupack, i2r Packaging Solutions, Jena and Nicholl Food packaging.

The banks are located at: Morrison’s supermarket, on Sutton Road; Sainsbury’s, on Nottingham Road; Asda, on Old Mill Lane; Tesco, on Chesterfield Road, and Tesco Extra, on the Oak Tree Lane estate at Jubilee Way South.

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