Mansfield and Ashfield fire crews tackling Winter Hill blaze

Firefighters say they are now focusing on a series of hot-spots around the 8km site.
Firefighters say they are now focusing on a series of hot-spots around the 8km site.

Crews from Mansfield and Ashfield fire stations have arrived in Lancashire as they help to tackle the blaze at Winter Hill.

Seven firefighters from Mansfield’s central station have been deployed to the fire at Winter Hill, near Chorley, with the station’s incident support vehicle arriving on the scene over the last 24 hours.

The fire has been burning for more than four days at Winter Hill, along with a similar fire at the Horrocks Moor that Notts crews are also attending to.

Martin Bills, station manager at Mansfield fire station, was leading Nottinghamshire Fire’s response over the weekend.

He said: “We have been rotating a crew of seven firefighters at the Winter Hill fire for the last two days, with the fire roughly around 4-5 square miles in size.

“We have been getting crews to the fire as early as 3 o’clock in the morning, where we have been setting up in preparation for first light at 4 o’clock.

“The fire does not look like its going to settle any time soon so we have been getting into it when it’s a bit cooler to see if we have more of a chance before the hot weather comes back out.

“The water drought through the hot temperatures certainly hasn’t helped as the grass is very tinder-like and sets up very easily in the sun.”

While seven firefighters have been deployed on rotation to the Moorland fires, Mansfield and Ashfield fire stations are still completely manned with a crew of five firefighters.

The rotation of Notts firefighters is expected to last until at least Sunday evening (July 8).