LETTER: Why was incinerator plan given go-ahead given by council?

Artist's impression of how the plant might look
Artist's impression of how the plant might look

After reading in the Chad last week, Councillor Jim Creamer’s report on how he wants more people to recycle because we cant “afford either financially or environmentally to keep burning or burying waste that could be recycled”.

Why did Notts County Council’s planning committee give the green light to build an incinerator in Bilsthorpe, which if built will burn waste from outside the area and nobody knows what type of waste, some of which could be toxic, that could spread toxins that escape from the two 60 meter high chimneys over an estimated 10-mile radius due to the spiral wind patterns around Bilsthorpe?

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LETTER: Bilsthorpe incinerator plan decision stinks

So if you think it won’t affect you, think again, this is why we are still fighting.

If we lose the enquiry that is being conducted by the Secretary of State who has called in the planning application, will the people of Bilsthorpe and surrounding areas bother re-cycling?

A Henninger

(via email)

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