Bikers go ‘over the top’ on cycle route

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A group of mountain bike fanatics have rolled up their sleeves to help create a new feature on one of Sherwood Pines toughest cycling routes.

The group of 11 volunteers build a new feature at a Sherwood Pines Dig Day and even named the results of their handiwork – a new rock section on a challenging red route mountain bike trail.

The Kitchener Trail, named after the famous General of the First World War, now has a new feature, called ‘over the top’ which Forestry Commission staff say is in keeping with the military theme.

The volunteers worked with Forestry Commission employees for six hours improving drainage, completing a rock pavement and adding a raised rock garden.

Andy Cranch, recreation ranger for the Forestry Commission, said: ““We were really pleased with the turn out, and seriously impressed with how much work everyone managed to get completed within the session.

“I know the barbecue at the end of the evening was very well deserved, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to be the first people to ride the trail.”

The Kitchener Trail is eight miles long and graded as difficult.

The flowing and twisty trail links up the wider forest and a large number of wild trails, the commission said.

It is fast and a challenge to ride at differing times of the year. The trail is an excellent introduction to singletrack for riders wanting to progress into off-road cycling.

Sherwood Pines recreation assistant Neil Barnes added: “More Dig Days are planned to help give keen riders the chance to play their part in shaping and improving the Kitchener Trail features and we’d love for as many people as possible to get involved.

“These Dig Days will be advertised via our Facebook page and will include both weekday and weekend sessions.”

Described as the ‘region’s premiere off-road cycling destination’, Sherwood Pines is built on the site of the former Clipstone Camp.

The Forestry Commission is responsible for the development of woodland in England.

For more information about the Dig Days at Sherwood Pines visit or email