English Heritage to celebrate St George’s Dat at Bolsover Castle

English Heritage is celebrating St Georges’ Day with a medieval weekend at Bolsover Castle next weekend.

There will be knights in combat, living history displays and a dragon themed hobby-horse joust for children. There is also free entry for anyone named George or Georgina.

Lucy Hutchings, English Heritage visitor event manager said: “Visitors will be able to see medieval knights in combat and explore the encampment where they can meet the knights and ladies and learn more about medieval life.

“Children can test their skill in the dragon themed hobby horse joust and take part in squire training before joining the children’s battle. Watch as St George is armed for combat and hear the story of St George in a Mummers play.

“Throughout the day children can also take part in a fun trail around the grounds in search of the dragons. Find them all and solve the puzzle to become a certified Dragon Hunter.”