Energy company submits plans for controversial plant in Bilsthorpe

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An energy company has finally submitted a planning application to build a controversial gasification plant in a quiet village, claiming they have ‘listened to local residents’.

Peel Environmental say more than £70m will be spent on constructing the energy centre on Bilsthorpe Business Park, which will create up to 46 local jobs.

The plans have been met with a fierce backlash by locals who fear the project is simply an incinerator.

Action group RAGE (Residents Against Gasification Experiment) are building a campaign and meeting regularly in an effort to halt the plans.

But Richard Barker, development Manager, Peel Environmental, said: “We have listened to local residents and commissioned this research to explore how our plans would benefit the local economy, and the results show that investment in the Bilsthorpe Energy Centre would bring opportunities for both local businesses and residents.

“Around 46 long-term jobs would be created for the operation of the Energy Centre with up to 330 full-time equivalent positions during the construction period.

“We also found that there is a clear fit between the new roles and the skills held by local residents, and those currently looking for work, meaning that the Energy Centre will be well placed to provide a boost for local employment.

“These clearly show that, not only will the Energy Centre export electricity to help keep up with increasing demand for energy, it will provide real economic benefits that could be felt at a local level.”

Peel says the plant would recover up to 22,000 tonnes of recyclable materials each year and produce a fuel from waste generated by businesses in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

Plasma Gasification would be used to generate electricity from residual waste , left over after recycling, and could export up to 9.6MW to the national grid, which is enough to power the average needs of around 23,000 homes.